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Sometimes you just need bags of dirt (or sand in our case)
There are moments in life were you need a little extra weight.  Most of the time it is unwanted and it shows up in your mid-section right after your Thanksgiving holiday.  That type of weight sucks and you may have to find an exercise to help you shed those LBs.  One way to work that off is to carry and throw around some sandbags from sandbagrental.com!  Sandbags are good, and good for you!

Now that we have that out of the way, let's talk origin story.

One day we needed some sandbags so we made them.  As soon as we made them, they were used.  When they were used they were admired (we make good sandbags).  The admired sandbags were then requested, and we did not have enough, so we made more.  We made more, and ran out again, so we made more.  

Isn't this fascinating?

It got to a point were we had enough to fill not only our own needs, but large orders from others, so business created, then.... website.

We started www.sandbagrental.com, and now you are here reading about it.  Hello!

Sandbag Rental Options

Rent a sandbag for your event.  We do not actually expect anyone to read anything that we write about sandbags, but there is a spot on this website where we are supposed to write some words, so here are some words.  Sandbags, sand bags, sand.  Come one search engine!  Find us and share us to the world!

There are some options for you to consider.  Wait for it, wait for it, wait for it.....WEIGHT!  YUP!  The options are weight options.  Right now the number 1 option that is chosen is the 25lb sandbag.  You can also choose a 15lb sandbag if you want.
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